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Will County is at a crossroads.  After the 2018 election cycle, and for the first time since the 1970s, Will County has a total lack of Checks and Balances in our county government.  All County-wide offices and our County board are controlled by the Democrat party.


Since gaining complete control over our county government, the Democrats have voted to raise your property taxes, raise your gas taxes (on top of Illinois’ doubling of the gas tax last year), and increase government spending. 


We don’t have to look far to see an example of what happens when one party has complete control.  For decades Chicago has been run into the ground by Illinois Democrats. Chicago taxes and debt are out of control, and the Will County Democrats seem hell-bent on doing the same here. 


Even now, as Springfield forces billions of dollars in additional taxes on Illinois families, Will County Democrats have decided to add to that burden by raising our local taxes.


If Will County Democrats are allowed to maintain their complete control over our county, there will be no stopping them from raising taxes again next year.


I am running for Will County Executive to restore balance to local government and ensure that our beloved community doesn’t fall victim to the tax and spend, big-government agenda of one-party rule.


Throughout my career, I have been effective and successful in producing positive results as a Chief of Police, administrator, and in management positions.  If elected, I will put an end to the tax and spend policies of the Will County Democrats, I will roll back the local gas tax, and I will restore balanced government for the people of Will County.



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